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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Food for the Gods

To the Balinese indeed, the best food is not sold to humans, it is instead offered to the Gods. Forget the Balinese lawar, sambal Bali spices and babi guling (suckling pig) - the best of the best in the island, is not for you or me, but for visitors from the invisible world: gods and ancestors; as for the “worst” of the worse, put on the ground, it is symbolically “eaten” by the buta (earthly, “demonic” forces).

woman balinese offering food to gods

But the best food to the Gods is usually provided in the God's restaurants: temples. Welcoming them during temple festivals is, like humans, providing them with the best food and the best dances. This food is is commonly called offerings.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


The Horizon Villa is located in the popular tourist precinct of Tanjung Benoa and immediately adjacent the highly acclaimed Condrad hotel, close to 5 star Hotels, shops and restaurants of Nusa Dua.

villa horizon

The service is world class and to give their Chefs a five-star rating would be an insult. Balinese food is the most delectable cuisine you will ever experience.

Monday, January 10, 2011


Arak – that much maligned and much loved beverage from the east of Bali- comes from humble beginnings as do many good things.

arak bali

The better quality arak make you want to get up and dance, laugh, have a good time. Your blood starts rushing faster, and feelings of good will to all can overcome you.

Thursday, January 06, 2011


Blue Rose Villa present a 180 degrees spectacular views looking west over the Indian Ocean on an unspoiled cliff side location on the Bukit Peninsula, near Uluwatu in South Bali. Sunset view is being particularly special.

blue rose villa

The concept is both simple and flexible. For relaxing holidays Blue Rose Villa offers plenty of opportunities to chill out poolside or to sit on the balconies enjoying the views. Alternatively, stroll around the country paths and lanes or drive a few minutes to nearby cove-type beaches where surfers catch reef breaks, swimmers splash in shallow waters and sunbathers snooze the day away.

Wednesday, January 05, 2011


The Original Balinese

Bali Aga are a unique ethnic group that still live and practise a way of life that pre-dates modern civilisation. The Bali Aga are thought to be the original inhabitants of Bali who fled imperialistic invaders, eventually finding refuge in the solitude of Bali's remote mountains. Only two villages remain - which until recently, were firmly shut away from the rest of the world, hidden in the hills of East Bali.

bali aga

The villages, home to the Bali Aga, are shut off by a solid wall surrounding the entire village. The wall is only broken by means of four gates, each facing north, south, east and west.

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

TANAH LOT Sunset Temple

The Tanah Lot Temple was built and has been a part of Balinese mythology for centuries. The temple is one of seven sea temples around the Balinese coast.

tanah lot sunset

Tanah Lot is claimed to be the work of the 15th century priest Nirartha. During his travels along the south coast he saw the rock-island's beautiful setting and rested there. Some fishermen saw him, and bought him gifts. Nirartha then spent the night on the little island.

Monday, January 03, 2011


The Monument of Balinese Struggle

The Bajra Sandhi Monument is located in Niti Mandala, Renon, Denpasar, an area where most of the government offices are located.

bajra sandhi monument

The architecture of the monument is very unique, taking the shape of Bajra or Genta, a bell that used by Hindhu Priests during religious ceremonies. It is also a symbol of the bond between males and females that creates prosperity according to the epic that tells the story of the Gods’ struggle to get the Water of Eternity.

Kusamba the Fisherman Village

Name of Kusamba is factually not far from the struggle history of Balinese in fight against the Dutch colonist. During the war against the Dutch in Kusamba on 23-24 May 1849, Balinese leading man experienced works to create scared the Dutch and got killed that Dutch Letnan General Michiel.

Kusamba the fisherman village is one of interesting tourism object in Klungkung Regency – where you can find Palace of Justice Kertha Gosa, located around 7 km east of Semarapura City. The Jukung – sail boat path using the outrigger fit in with the anglers through country side are usually designing unfolding across the seaside.

Kusamba beach

Nusa Penida Isle is actually across look at that is just busy by 50.000 folks. Kusamba Beach is unique the wonderful see using the spilling wave in the sea which is encircled tropical environment along with soft ocean air flow.

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